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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

Finished up Zoe's Tale and thus the Old Man's War novel series. Moved on to David Brin's Sundiver (and thus the Uplift series), and so far this book's been doing a good job of holding my attention and throwing out some odd stuff. The concept of Uplift - species raising other species to sapience across the universe, and humanity as the only known example of a species which raises ourselves (although we've been helping chimps and dolphins) is just a really cool premise, and would be more than enough to hang a novel on - but Sundiver seems to have more going on than just that. Think I'm gonna enjoy this overall.

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I liked "Childhood's End" well enough (actually I can't think of any Clarke book that I didn't like for the most part), but I've heard so much about it before reading it that I may have had unrealistic expectations.
That's fair. On the other hand, I approached the novel basically only knowing it was the expansion of a short story I'd read.

Rama was the one I came to later with the weighty reputation of a classic, on the other hand.
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