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Re: THE THING (2011): Discussion, Spoilers, Reviews


I was being snarky.

Whenever a commenter, reviewer or one of the on-line video reviewers on Channel Awesome reviewed this new Thing movie they called the Carpenter version "the original."

Which... it is. At least for this context as this movie is a direct prequel to the Carpenter movie which also happens to be the movie most likely to be in the public consciousness and not some movie made 60 years ago with no connection to either movie aside from similar plot points.

Anyway, whenever someone called the Carpenter movie "the original" compared to his movie some pendants were quick to point out that Carpenter's movie was not "the original" but the 1951 movie is.

Which, again, might be the case given the 1951 movie was the first adaptation of the story to film it has no connections to this movie. As far as this movie is concerned the Carpenter movie is "the original."
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