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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

nuBSG's ratings are no great shakes compared with the sf/f cop shows SyFy has had great success with, that are also almost certainly cheaper to produce. So from their perspective, space opera is not terribly attractive. They might launch another one someday (I'm rooting for RHW), if only out of a sense that they might be leaving a significant market unserved (they are).

ENT's ratings started out disappointing and sunk ever after (I remember that like it was yesterday) and even if that hadn't been the case, UPN has been replaced by the CW, whose female-skewing audience strategy leaves no room for space opera (tho there's been at least one rumored space opera in development from them, which never made it to pilot stage.) So that channel is effectively closed off to space opera. I'd be mildly surprised to see even genuine sci fi from the CW, as opposed to vampires and ghosts.

Who else might be a candidate? I keep hoping HBO or Showtime would be daring enough to try a space opera in the premium cable style. But I can see why a myriad of other topics would be more attractive.

If Star Trek becomes an animated series, TNG isn't the most likely topic. By far the most likely is a spinoff of JJ Abrams' movies. That way you get the huge PR boost of a currently running movie series, and you can use Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto et al's characters without worrying whether you can afford the actors or fit into their schedules (although they'd be wise to get Quinto at least - his voice being the most unique and hard to replicate, and he still does TV).

The animation and story style would most likely look to The Clone Wars as a template - appeals to kids and grownups, with the same CGI look, which may be a bit much to get used to, but it does allow the characters to integrate well with very beautiful CGI planets, spaceships, etc. The show would almost certainly run on The Cartoon Network, where there's already a space-opera-cartoon audience watching TCW. In other words, don't assume this series would be for Star Trek fans. It might be made for sci fi cartoon fans in general.

It makes far more sense to create series that appeal to a channel's existing audience, who are easy to advertise to, and are used to watching shows in a certain timeslot. Make the new show and put it in the timeslot they're used to, or just after a compatible show they're already watching (depending on whether TCW is still airing when the theoretical Star Trek show is ready to go.)

If you made a TNG series, how do you reach TNG fans? Where are they? What do they watch now? Do they even still care about Star Trek? Would a cartoon appeal to them, or would they automatically dismiss it as kid stuff? That's a whole lot of "if"s to get through, to get to a success, vs the far more obvious route of "make a new series that appeals to the existing TCW audience."
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