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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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It's no surprise that, when I first tried watching through all of DS9 a little over a year ago, I stopped watching for a while after "Melora."
Just curious, what brought you back?
Netflix Instant Streaming. That, and I knew there was much awesomeness to come.

Okay, it wasn't just "Melora" that made me stop watching for a while. I was watching the show via DVD, but I only had the one-disc-out-at-a-time plan, and it was taking too long to watch one disc, mail it back, wait for the next disc to be mailed, watch it, mail it back, etc. So I occupied myself with other stuff while I waited for DS9 to make the jump to streaming.

It was still a terrible episode, though. The disc that ep was on actually ended up sitting in my house for like a month after I watched it before I finally remembered to mail it back.
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