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I trade Rare and Very Rare DOFFS. Primarily I'm looking for FED Tactical and Security DOFFs. Also looking for KDF Engineering and Operations.

I will give Common and Uncommon DOFFs to any TrekBBS member that needs them.

I also trade deployable satellite turrets/torpedoes. These fill a ship's device slot and have 20 (?) charges. They are good for harassing an enemy and drawing enemy fire (mainly PvE).
Thanks for the DOFF's Rocketeer, especially the Diplomat as they're a bit hard to find.

Unfortunately I don't have any rarer Doffs to trade at the moment, but I think it might be worth having a thread on here once the F2P build goes live where forum members can post what they need and what they have to trade, maybe overseen by a fleet Recruitment officer?
No problem, I have a lot of surplus. I had about 45 FED Junior Officer Cadre packs at one time. (*Junior* means common/uncommon) Although the diplomat was common, I didn't want to throw him away since he had 5 traits. I was having trouble finding rare/very rare tactical and security officers but I'm slowly filling the ranks. Seems like most of the rares and higher that I was getting were civilians, science or medical DOFFs. That would be great if I was playing a Sci Officer.

All my DOFFs are uncommon or higher, with a lot of rare and very rare. Common DOFFs can be killed on assignments, even successful ones, so I've eliminated all of them from my roster.

I've had a lot of fun with the DOFF system and I'm looking forward to it being ported over to Holodeck.

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