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Re: Frank Miller completely loses the plot

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Actually, yeah, it does. If you believe that corporations are too powerful, don't enrich corporations.

It's especially egregious in the case of giant corporations that are also media companies, insofar as corporate media are one of their major targets.
There is no avoiding the enrichment of corporations. Every time I buy a book, newspaper, watch a movie etc, I'm doing so, directly or indirectly.

One doesn't have to be against corporations and capitalism to think that executives paying themselves bonusses at a time when other people's standars of living is failing is obscene; one can be a capitalist or even a conservative and still think that the fact that lobbyists have politicians in their pocket is an affront to decency and democracy, as is the fact that politicians can vote in legislation that personally enriches them and organisations in which they have shares, without disclosing same to the electorate. Do you want to live in a country run by the likes of Silvio Berlusconi?
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