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I'm glad they finally revealed that Gellar was Travis's dark passenger. They've been dropping hints all season long so I was starting to think it was too obvious and they'd reveal he was real. Afterwards on Sho Runners they talked to the show runner and he revealed that outside of the writers the only person who knew Gellar was in Travis's head was Edward James Olmos. Even the directors didn't know. When they had Gellar and Travis in a cafe the director had them place a cup down for Gellar. They had to interrupt the scene and remove the cup. Colin Hanks wasn't informed until they filmed this episode. They didn't want him conscious that he was interacting with an imaginary character all season long.

It's creepy that Louis was the guy who bought the Ice Truck Killer fake arm. And they showed it while he was banging Batista's sister. Is Louis was weirdo killer or an innocent collector?

Finding out a drunk Quinn banged an older overweight woman and that they took pictures was so damn funny...I had to stop the show to laugh.
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