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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Kitson would be great. Waid is as hit or miss as Johns.
I dunno. I can't think of a miss, for me, except for Kingdom Come, for which I blame Alex Ross*; I can think of commercial failures, for which I blame Legion fans generally, as they are scum who hate everything, especially the Legion.** I didn't read Captain America; that was supposed to be okay though, right?

*Can anyone explain to me what Billy Batson's decision was? Or how killing most (but not all!) of the superhumans (and himself) was the choice only he could make? The hell? Ok, maybe KC was Waid's fault.
**Kidding. Mostly.

Edit: to elaborate, and this is purely personal opinion, Waid's never ruined anything for me (purely personally) when he's retconned/reimagined/reoriented properties, whereas Johns has done this at least three times. But, even though it came out that way, I didn't mean to suggest Waid as an alternative based on negative characteristics about Johns. I just think dude has always had a real handle on DC's characters, and I still think the Threeboot is probably the best reboot of any franchise I've ever seen.

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