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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

shivkala wrote:
Justice League #3: After years of the Appellaxian origin, with writers like Mark Waid
Man, you shouldn't make me mentally compare Waid and Kitson to Johns and Lee. It makes me sad.

But, damn, is Kitson even working? What a world, what a world.

P.S. Can you imagine a DC Entertainment with Mark Waid as in Geoff Johns' role and Barry Kitson in Jim Lee's? Holy smokes, that would be awesome.

P.P.S.: I finished reading the Threeboot Legion. It's 95% great as long as W/K are in charge, with some minor problems (the Dream Girl stuff actually plays out pretty WTFily, and still isn't resolved), and the end of their run is gold. Tony Bedard is just a blip, though his issues are fine and I like the Discount Jae Lee guy that did the art, even though it was grossly inappropriate to the subject matter. I do want to say that Shooter's stuff is actually not too bad. What's really striking is how shitty Manapul was when he first started; he quickly got much better, but yikes, it's all mangafied in a very ugly way. Anyway, it's really not until the last, Justin Thyme (get it?), editor-written issue that that run really rides right off the fucking rails into Garbage City. Evil Projectra? Cosmic Boy in the 41st Century? I guess we'll never know, although according to the really tall man himself it was all going to be dealt with. It was likely to be more enjoyable than whatever Earth Man-centric nonsense Levitz has been writing about for the last five decades.

In short, fuck you, Geoff Johns.

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