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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

While I get where you're coming from about taking Rugal from Proka's custody, I don't think the episode ever properly dealt with the child abuse allegations other than seeming to dismiss the idea of physical injury. There had to be psychological damage because a child his age does not bite unless something is severely wrong, and I am not convinced that Proka wasn't abusive.

Taking Rugal away from Bajor and knowingly sending him to a totalitarian world is something I have a problem with. You don't take people who are free and send them into oppression.

That said, I found myself thinking very seriously that if Pa'Dar had no children and no living wife, which is what the episode suggests, he would have given up everything for Rugal, up to and including his political position and even his home. It is entirely possible that he would have accepted terms that required him to remain in Bajoran space in order to have custody. Since Bajor would likely be hostile to him (not recognizing the enormity of a Cardassian giving up everything for his child), a possible solution would have been Deep Space Nine, where Rugal could grow up in a multi-ethnic environment that would include the Bajoran culture he is familiar with but at the same time there is that Federation mentality that racism will not be tolerated.
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