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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

94. Paranormal Activity 3: A
95. Rachel Getting Married: C
96. Love Guru: F
97. Funny People: C-
98. Win Win: B+
99. Everything Must Go: B

Win Win - Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan star in this movie that is a dramatic comedy if I had to categorize it. Giamatti stars as Mike, a simple lawyer in a small New Jersey town whose practice isn't doing so well. One of his clients, Leo, has a nice sized trust but Leo(Burt Young) is having on set of dementia and needs a legal guardian. His only known relative, his daughter can't be found. Mike convinces the judge to let him become the guardian and thus he'll gain the $1500 monthly check. The twist happens a few days later when his grandson, Kyle, shows up running from his mother whose back in rehab. Leo has never met his grandson. As things go Kyle moves in with Mike and his family and the story really grows some heart. Really good movie and I'm not going to elaborate too much but suffice to say Mike's seemingly selfish motivation for the money to help out his family ends up redefining all their lives....for the better. Well except Cindy whose probably still strung out back in Ohio.

Everything Must Go - Will Ferrell stars in this dark comedy about a sales rep whose alcoholic ways help lead to his marriage and job coming to an end. His wife changes the locks, freezes their joint account, cancels the cell phone and places all his belongings onto the front lawn. The movie is about how in a weeks time he comes to do soul searching about ways to change his life for the better...finally. I wasn't sure I'd like this at first as dark comedies tend to be hit or miss for me but this one was a hit imo.

So what will movie 100 be for me? My next Netflix movie,Scott Pilgrim, or a cinema film? Still want to see Immortals.
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