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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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I agree that Sisko made the wrong decision morally, and that it's purely for drama's sake that he's told to go with the Cardassians. Unfortunately, it makes the end blatently manipulative.

And yes I realise a drama is supposed to manipulate the audience into a reaction. I just meant that it was all a bit obvious.
I especially love how Sisko says at the end that "it's time for the healing to begin." All I can think is "well, you've pretty much guaranteed that that won't happen."

Now aside from these two problems I have, this is a very good episode. Everything else really jells together well - Garak, Dukat, Bashir, even Sisko and Keiko (for the rest of the episode) really hit the right balance.

Two scenes I truly love are when Garak is forced to tell the Cardassian orphan girl that he can't take them back home (Robinson plays that scene tremendously well) and the scene at the end where Dukat glowers at Garak after he has been exposed (you can tell there is a lot going on between them in that one look).
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