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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

Phily B wrote: View Post
Game is garbage. WoW clone, but everything is worse apart from the voice acting. What a shame :/

I totally forgot how much I hate beta communities though, everyone is totally delusional and will just flame you in general when you ask about things or point out glaring flaws in the gameplay.
If you hate beta communities why did you sign up for a beta?

And if you don't want to get flamed, try not saying things "The Game is Garbage!" and expect people to take you seriously.

{ Emilia } wrote: View Post
Level 22 Jedi Knight now. It's good fun but mostly feels like a single player RPG with a chat channel.
Not even an LFG tool and where are group instances? Everything is quest-related. Meh, I still love the game so far.
There will be a grouping feature in the final build. They just left it out of this one because, since they're only testing server stability, they wanted to eliminate as many variables as possible, so they used the most stable, vanilla build they had.

Skywalker wrote: View Post
I wouldn't even have tried the game without the semi-SP aspect to it. Normally I hate MMOs.
MMOs are love/hate for me. I love the social aspect of it: meeting new people, chatting with them about random stuff, etc. I just hate having to quest with them. There are just too many unknowns involved and everyone has a different philosophy of how things should be done. This always leads to disaster. Guilds can help with this, but in that case the fails usually lead to more severe consequences. And PUGs almost never work.

But it's pretty much impossible for me to play KOTOR and TBBS it up at the same time. However, with this I can still get my KOTOR fix and still manage to annoy the piss out of { Emilia }. And that's worth the $15 a month. Hell, it's priceless.
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