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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I wouldn't know if I'd call Keiko an idiot. I suppose some idiocy () was shown, as she could have actually asked poor Rugal about what food he actually liked, but it was all well intentioned, welcoming him into the O'Brien home and all.

I don't hate Keiko as much as some do either, maybe I'm blind to her silliness? I thought that her and O'Brien were a good couple, and thought it was realistic when they bickered and argued. Behind it all they were very close. As well as that, I admired how she went about sorting her career out despite living at the arse-end of space, making the most of doting-hubby's posting.

I agree that Sisko made the wrong decision morally, and that it's purely for drama's sake that he's told to go with the Cardassians. Unfortunately, it makes the end blatently manipulative.

And yes I realise a drama is supposed to manipulate the audience into a reaction. I just meant that it was all a bit obvious.

But yeah, aside from this, I'm very happy with the episode.
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