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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

SISKO - Emancipators huh? Well,.. one could see it that way. In fact a good portion of the World would saw it that way, as did a good portion of the World saw them the other way,... just as it was regarding Vietnam,... which this story is an allegory.

People often cite the fact that TREK blew the entire greenery budget on this episode,.. and why?

In an attempt to capture the lush triple canopy jungle feel of Vietnam, without creating an actual Vietnam-obvious jungle set.

So, the 'issue' which this episode addresses actually divided our entire country, and still does.

When one REALLY digs into what some of these writers were actually trying to say - hidden behind an adventure story - TREK stories, for the most part, take on a different dimension,... as in the game we have been playing here together with 7THSEALORD.

Okay SISKO,.. I am ready for my 'what would you have done in Captain Kirks position during the ____ episode' question,...

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