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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

It should be stressed that Hiddleston doesn't actually talk about either Thor or The Avengers in this interview. But I linked to it because of this quote:

"I remember shooting the first series of Wallander and on my day off I got the train to Malmö and went to see [COLOR=#005689]Iron Man[/COLOR] with Robert Downey Jr. And I came out thinking, 'That's so fucking good. But I'm never, in a million years, going to be in a film like that.' But then I tested for the part of Loki in Thor and came away thinking, 'You know, I've got a real chance at this.' It was like a light going on. We all impose limits on ourselves. We think, 'There's the ceiling and that's as far as I can go.' Then something happens and it changes everything."
It just appeals to me, the idea of this young, up-and-coming actor going to see Iron Man on his day off, then a few years later, he's the villain in an ensemble movie featuring Iron Man and others!
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