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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

My other Marvel purchases for the week included Generation Hope #13, which was actually a hold-over from the previous week. I dropped the book after Keiron Gillen left, but found that I missed the characters, so I picked up the issue I missed and put it back on "pull". Kenji stole the show with his interactions with Magneto and Martha and I love Teon identifying Namor as the new "Alpha" and Cyclops' reaction to that.

Captain America and Bucky #624 wrapped up the flashback arc that it is now painfully obvious was only meant to fill space while Bucky was "dead" during Fear Itself. That said, it was a touching ending as we find out who Bucky has been narrating his life story to-- his little sister Becca, who is now in a home for Alzheimer sufferers. Bucky had to see her and tell her where he had been all of this time, even though she wouldn't remember it.

Alpha Flight 6-- I love Alpha Flight. It's a shame that this book fell victim to Marvel's editorial downsizing as it's been fun. Normally, I'm sick of Wolverine showing up everywhere, but it's a natural fit here and I'm looking forward to next issue.

Daken: Dark Wolverine 17-- Now this book I'm glad to see fall victim to Marvel's editorial downsizing. I hate this guy with a passion. I only bought it for the return of the Runaways, whom which I love. Sadly, the Runaways don't show up until the last two pages. I'm looking forward to their greater involvement in the next issue and dropping the book like a rock once the arc is finished.
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