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My commitment to an active lifestyle is alive and well, three months in. I'm down 73 pounds, though last week was a bit of a disappointment. I gained an ounce or two and I'm not sure how: I ate sensibly throughout the week and was active over an hour a day every day. I do know that my walking seemed easy this week, and while I attributed that to new shoes, it might have meant I wasn't really pushing myself. Since my weigh-in Friday morning, I've been pushing myself every mile. I had to remind myself yesterday, after mulling the weight results, that I didn't start walking to lose weight. I did it to keep my blood pressure in check, and I'm definitely keeping it subdued. I'm hoping when I visit the doctor in a month he'll take me off the maintenance pills I'm on (blood pressure pills + a diuretic).

Right now I'm walking four miles in the morning and three miles in the evening. I was walking at lunch, too, but the constant work hurt my left knee and I had to take it easy for a week.
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