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ENTER! Misc Avatar Contest "Black"

Thanks to tall those that participated in the previous contest here; And thanks for the votes.

New contest!

In honor of Black Friday and the holiday shopping season the new theme is "Black"

Anything having to do with the color "Black".

Black is the color of objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum; they absorb all such frequencies of light. Although black is sometimes described as an "achromatic", or hueless, color, in practice it can be considered a color, as in expressions like "black cat" or "black paint".
* No TV/Movies or General Media(Music, books, video games etc).

* TrekBBS avatar rules apply; Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 140 by 140 pixels or 140.0 KB (whichever is smaller).

* TrekBBS image rules apply; Plus, you should only include an inline images from web space that you own, or with the permission from the webmaster on which the image is located to avoid what results in costly bandwidth theft to the originating site owner. You can create an account with PhotoBucket Or ImageShack to host your images.

4 Days to enter and 3 to vote. Until the 30th to enter.
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