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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

If it is still in development, my "show for 2012" (other than Powers) is Chew. Back in April this year it was bandied around that the comic book, Chew, was in development by SHOWTIME, which is frankly a great fit for such a bizarre and idiosyncratic funny book.

The award winning series follows FDA agent Tony Chu as he investigates bizarre, food-related crimes by means of the psychic visions he receives after consuming any kind of food – including human flesh. Known as a cibopath, Chu and his partner Mason Savoy navigate a world where chicken, and all other bird-related meats are considered contraband, after a devastating bird-flu epidemic kills 23 million Americans.
The first edition was one of the funnier and most inventive comics I read this year and the series holds this quality level up. The intention of SHOWTIME turning this into a Weeds-like 30 minute dramedy seem perfect and I hope this will make it onto the air.

Given Temis is not a fan of procedurals as a rule, I found the "spin" on the genre in this book to make the entire thing fresh, funny and brilliantly wacky, and might give her pause

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