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Re: Would Nemesis had been better without the Remans?

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This seems less convoluted then the story we got in Nemesis.
that's the problem with your idea, it's simplistic.

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then why did it lose to "Maid in Manhattan" when it opened up?
Just for that reason, Maid in Manhattan was excellent, well made, good story.

Star Trek:Nemesis and Maid in Manhattan cost about the same amount. Nemesis was badly reviewed and made 67 million, Maid received wonderful reviews and starred Jenifer Lopez at the height of her movie popularity, her movie made 155 million.

Nemesis just couldn't compete after the word of mouth got out.

I wasn't really comparing "Nemesis" to "Maid," just pointing out that if LOTR: TTT and other big sci-fi/fantasy blockbuster competition was behind "Nemesis'" box office failure, then the fact that it couldn't even beat out a Lopez romantic comedy before those other movies were out yet kind of blows a hole in that argument.
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