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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

160. Immortals (C+)
161. J. Edgar (B)
162. City of God (A)
163. Cinema Paradiso (B)
164. Three Colours: Blue (B+)
165. Three Colours: White (A-)
166. Three Colours: Red (A-)

Kieslowski's trilogy concludes with Red, starring Irene Jacob (I spent the movie trying to recall where I recognized her from, but checking the IMDB she was in Oliver Parker's Othello). Here the theme is "fraternity" (with bonus "fate and circumstance"), which manifests as an exploration of society (that one of the main characters is a retired judge speaks to this, especially). Much as with White, some of the characters' actions are really stylized rather than naturalistic, so it's obvious this is an Idea piece, but overall I think it works pretty well. The bond between the two main characters works well, and the whole thing ends up being a kind of macabre "meet cute"; it's fun to imagine an alternate reality where this script was massively altered to become a studio rom com.

167. The Muppets (B+)

Jason Segel spearheads the revival of the Muppets franchise, and largely succeeds. I'm of the generation that came after The Muppet Show and the Henson films, so I've never been that familiar with their stories, though of course I know who the major players are. Tonally the movie manages to incorporate irony without be really cynical, which is the right balance for the property, and has a lot of fun celebrity appearances (including Jack Black's best live action role in years; but the one that really brought down the house at my theatre was The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons as the "human" Walter). This is about as good a family entertainment as you're likely to find (something made especially clear by the trailer for the third rancid Chipmunks movie that screened before it; God, and the 80s cartoon was so funny).

It's accompanied by a very funny Pixar short focusing on Buzz Lightyear. Nice to see the gang still in action.
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