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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

I wouldn't mind a TNG reboot at all, but that's probably because, if Abrams is involved, it might potentially result in some of his former tv show actors being cast. Michael Vartan, for instance, would make a pretty good Picard or Riker (And yes, I realize that he's not actually French, despite having grown up in France). And if he were Riker, then Victor Garber could be Picard. In either case, both actors have plenty of gravitas to carry the role.

When it comes to the cast itself, I think that the genders and characters should stay the same. There should still be a Geordi LaForge, Beverly Crusher, Deanna Troi, etc. Some changes would definitely be required, though, particularly with Deanna, who should have a real job aboard the ship as opposed to being ships counselor.

As someone else pointed out, Beverly would also have to be set up straightaway as a more obvious love interest for Picard. Personally, I think a good turn to take would be for Wesley to be Picard's illegitimate son, so long as Picard isn't aware of this at first. Maybe he slept with Beverly when she broke up with Jack, they both felt guilty about it, and six weeks later she and Jack get back together and they're married soon after. As for Wesley, he wouldn't be a bad character so long as he wasn't a super child prodigy who saves the ship countless times. Just let him be a kid, not a wannabe crew member.

When it comes to Worf, any changes made to him should be dependent on any changes made to the Klingons. And personally speaking, I think Klingons need to stop being such a one-note race. The whole Space Viking shtick has gotten really old. Let them be a fully realized alien race as opposed to a caricature. The entire idea of their being a warrior society is ludicrous, and it didn't exist back during the days of TOS. You certainly didn't have ridiculous scenes like Klingon politicians wearing battle armor in council chambers. Chancellor Gorkon and his people showed up in regular clothes, not armor. Why in the world would Gowron and the members of the High Council be wearing armor all the time?

Data, Geordi, and Tasha are all fine otherwise (And it'd be nice if Tasha stuck around the whole way, this time).
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