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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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After a few months away from Voyager, I rewatched a few episodes, and liked Janeway even more than I did before.

She's an interesting character delivered by a great actress.

And I'm still doing my best version of the Dismissive Hand Wave when it's appropriate...and when it's not appropriate.
1) I gotta say... Trek really struck gold with Voyager's trio of strong femmes... Janeway Torres and Seven.
What has struck me in the last few weeks is how much these Voyager women (not just Janeway) have caught the fancy of the youtube vidders. I've done a "semi-serious" survey looking for vids extolling the strong women from various shows/movies and its down right sad what I've found for the ladies of TNG or DS9 and even ENT.

But Voyager?


2) Shatnerage... If EVERYONE could "do" the dismissive handwave like her Majesty... it just wouldn't be as impressive when SHE does it!

To any Trek entrepreneurs out there... I'd LOVE to buy a Tshirt with Janeway doing a dismissive handwave and the following caption.


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