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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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That said, I liked this trilogy. It's actually rather chilling in that it really resembles relations between Iraq, Iran, and the US after the Second Gulf War. Way ahead of its time.
I'm probably really showcasing my ignorance here, but I don't see the connection.
You can think of Iraq in this instance as Bajor--fractured and with tons of infighting, the US in the place of the Federation, trying to help the Iraqis find stability (think of the time before things started going better in al-Anbar Province), and the Iranians in the place of the Cardassians. Granted, the Iranians never occupied Iraq, but there is no doubt they want to expand their power into that area. And like the Cardassians did in the Circle Trilogy, they covertly fund Iraqi insurgents in hopes of taking down the Iraqi government and indirectly striking at the US.

So aside from the fact that the Iranians never occupied Iraq, the parallel fits.
I see where you're going, but for the analogy to work, the Federation would have to be the one who originally destabilized Bajor.

As for Quark in Invasive Procedures - I don't see how what he did was unforgivable. He tried to smuggle some merchandize; he had no idea they were planning to kidnap everyone, steal the Dax symbiont and murder Jadiza. Once he saw what was really going on, he stepped up and did the right thing. If I were to judge that as unforgivable, I'd also have to judge Odo's actions during the Dominion Occupation the same way.

And, it's good to see that Trill culture looks down on people with social anxiety just like Human culture does.
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