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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

92. X-Files: I Want to Believe - B+
93. Source Code: A-
94. Paranormal Activity 3: A
95. Rachel Getting Married: C
96. Love Guru: F
97. Funny People: C-

Adam Sandler is I think making a public cry for help in this dark comedy that is 30 min too long. The film clocks in at 2hr20min and the best part of the film is the abundance of celebrity cameos in the film. Seriously I think every know famous stage comedian/actor made a cameo in this film that is alive. I actually liked Seth Rogan in this movie as well he could actually be a decent actor not just doing comedy. He shows signs here and there that it's in him. This film has to be a cry for help I mean did you see those previews for his latest film Jack&Jill??

Closing in on 100 finally.
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