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Re: How big were TWOK's "cargo bays" Khan spoke of?

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When the Reliant was dispatched to the Ceti Alpha system, why wouldn't Chekov think "Oh yeah, that's where we dumped Khan!"
Two equally likely explanations:

1) Because he wasn't told? If he wasn't the navigator on duty when Kirk ordered the ship to this place, he probably wouldn't have been given the memo.
Except that he DID know. From the transcripts:

KHAN (to Terrell): ... Never told you how Admiral Kirk sent seventy of us into exile on this barren sand heap with only the contents of these cargo bays to sustain us?
CHEKOV: You lie! On Ceti Alpha Five there was life, a fair chance.

So, by this statement, Chekov knew where Khan was marooned.

Why would Kirk make no record? It's possible that he didn't want StarFleet to know that he almost lost his ship because he stupidly allowed Khan access to the ship's technical data. But, how would he explain the loss of McGivers if he was trying to cover something up? Then there's the issue of not warning anyone of Khan, it would be too big of a risk not to report Khan and his whereabouts, otherwise something similar may happen to another ship.

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Very good point. Marcus' specs for the planet seemed extremely specific in any case, otherwise the Reliant would not have spent such a long time looking. Not only would the planet have to be dead, it would apparently still have to be Class M (with breathable air, as seen).
I don't think breathable air is necessarily a requirement. The Genesis device could program the matrix so that breathable air was included.

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Remember that the Marcuses wanted to solve problems of interstellar famine. Perhaps their main goal was to get crops growing on a dead and worthless planet - so their main concern would be finding a planet free of global plant life, and never mind isolated pockets of whatever. If Terrell could prove the desert world only had this one "Garden of Ceti Alpha", then the experiment could still proceed, despite lower levels of plant or animal life elsewhere.
Not according to Carolyn Marcus. Her own words: "You boys have to be clear on this. There can't be so much as a microbe or the show's off."
Or Kirk did tell Starfleet and Intelligence or Security scrubbed the records and when Ceti Alpha 6 went boom, tinker with the nav-records a little 5 "becomes" the new "6"-- since it's an out of the way system, no one notices when the next patch for Win 2368 SP1 "corrects' the "error in data file blah blah blah", put the planet off limits, and if Kirk ever asked the official line is "Oh Khan? Yeah we sent a scout by last month, they're doing fine."

What's interesting less Chekov getting the planets confused, but more that fact that he thought (implied by the line "On Ceti Alpha 5...!" and Khan pointing out that they were standing on Ceti Alpha 5) Khan managed to jump from one planet to the next. For that to be plausible, there had to be some form of transport that could, hypothetically, get them from 5 to 6.
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