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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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Been working on the service corridor. Reworked the wall segments for the pressure doors and added the doors themselves.
Energy transfer conduits are in place. Still need to run data lines and plumbing. Haven't decided on latches and release
mechanisms on the doors as yet; but, no hurry.
Incredible work! I have a question...has anyone ever attempted to create a turbolift system that would allow the bridge to face forward instead of being offset?

What I was thinking is that from the outside, we see the turboshaft at the rear of the bridge but would it be possible to have turbo cars slide to the left or right as storage or cars that are in queue for use?

For example, a turbo car would travel all the way to the top and then slide to the side, where the door to the bridge would open up.

I don't know if that would be possible with the current bridge dimensions or how much of a dimensional change would be needed but it would be nice to see a non-offset bridge design.

Hey...if the Galileo can have a larger interior than the exterior, similar logic can be applied to the bridge and it's turbolift system.

Either way, you've done some excellent work!
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