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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

Zoe's Tale is rather unusual, being mostly a retelling of The Last Colony from, per the title, Zoe's perspective. This often means that the big plot beats are identical (but as a standalone book they're being explained to me anyway), but honestly the book has really worked for me so far mostly through the character interactions. There's more warmth and emotion in this book than any of its predecessors, even the surprisingly thoughtful Last Colony - we've come a long way from the sterile wit-laden cynicism of the first two Old Man's War books, that's for sure.

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Recently finished Clarke's "The Songs of Distant Earth". While not my favourite book of his (that would be either "The City and the Stars" or "The Fountains of Paradise"),
Huh. I liked The Fountains of Paradise well enough when I read it (and loved The City and the Stars and Against the Fall of Night), but for me Clarke's best novel is easily Childhood's End... and then, well, let's say Rendezvous with Rama for second place.
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