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Yeah, I do like the area quite a bit. Btw Spock, you should fix the melon patch. I noticed that it needs replanting.

Oh and Gebirg, maybe you should do like what I've done, but then again it isn't exactly easy to use spawners in singleplayer. Which makes the breeding better for singleplayer, but I think I'll stick with the spawner method on the server. It's too bad that there are some things that are much harder to do in singleplayer.

Btw, I know someone mentioned there being a Minecraft reference in Skyrim in the form of the Notched Pickaxe, but it also goes both ways. Minecraft has a reference to the Elder Scrolls in its enchantments:

Three of the possible words for enchantments are "the elder scrolls," likely a joke at Bethesda, creator of "The Elder Scrolls" series and whose parent company, Zenimax, was suing Mojang.

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