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Haha, they kind of look similar in length, but Gebirg's got more surface area, so I don't know. You do have me beat in length though. Maybe I'll end up finishing first. Kind of looks like it could be a sub at this point. I like how you've layed out the measurements. And I find it interesting how we're using some of the same ideas in helping us build it. Though, I assume you're using cobble? Btw, are you building it on the server?
Thanks much - yes, the main surface area is cobble, but the outer hull will be smelted stone, to help it survive explosions from the outside, if necessary.

And I'm doing this on my own local machine in single-player mode, from (I think) a v1.3 generated map.

You will probably finish yours a lot sooner than mine. The hull will go relatively quick, but the superstructure, turrets and AA emplacements will take for bloody ever to complete. I'm taking it slow and steady for now, interleaving it with other projects. I just got a wild hair recently to do something with it. I've given up on getting enough red wool to fill in the water line for now. Unless I can get a good steady supply of sheep, I'll likely just put down more stone at the waterline. It's weird, I used to have sheep running around all over the place and they now seem to have migrated out of the area. Guess I'll have to wait for the next herd to ramble through.
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