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The one thing that the writers do later on in the series is make it clear that Winn has no love for the Cardassians. She fought them in her own way during the occupation and would not willingly be a part of any scheme that would result in their return.
Yeah, that's something I really liked about the episode, Winn wanted power but wasn't willing to take the risk of the Cardassians returning, and it was her desire to review the evidence that brought down Jaro. Even Jaro probably didn't know what was really going on.

Invasive Procedures (**)

Everyone that returned to the station at the end of the previous episode leaves again because of space rain, or something ridiculous like that. Some mercenaries use this as an opportunity to board the station and steal Odo's comm-badge. Poor Odo, the one time that he decides to wear a real one rather than faking it and it ends up being stolen. Then Verad arrives on the station, causing O'Brien to exclaim "You're a Trill!" Very good, Miles. When you see a Chinese man do you point at him and go "Chinese"? I hope not. Along for the ride are two stupid Klingons that shout every line of dialogue. I miss Worf and Martok.

The setup here is outlandish, but once you get past it the episode isn't too bad. It's all about the 90% of Trills that aren't given a symbiont because of their slight personality defects, such as obsessing over having a symbiont so much that you're willing to kidnap people and murder an innocent young woman. Or, worse, having social anxiety issues. John Glover does a good job of playing two personalities that are the same person, and there's some strong interactions between Sisko and Verad Dax where they are both friends and enemies at the same time. There's one odd scene where Jadzia wakes up after the surgery and cries about how alone and scared she feels without the symbiont and all Bashir does it talk about how the surgery went well and how she wont die. When she said "I've never felt so empty", I half expected Bashir to make an inappropriate joke about filling her up, such was the disconnect between what the two characters were saying.

My biggest issue with this episode remains what I consider to be the misuse of Quark in aiding the mercs onto the station. Sure, Quark didn't know what they were really planning, and he was instrumental in freeing Bashir and Odo, but there's no way he should have gone without any punishment for what he did. If I were Sisko I would have punched him so hard that he would have flown all the way to Ferenginar. As Kira said, Quark crossed the line here and the only way I'm able to forgive the character is to pretend it never happened at all.

There are some good ideas in this episode, but it's hampered by some poorly thought-out ones. The Circle trilogy was always going to be hard act to follow, but the momentum that has been with the series since Duet finally appears to have run out.

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