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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Yes, we definitely need 2 hours! There is much to be worked out about character "deaths" and imprisonment. However, I want to see Gemma face a reckoning of her own.

In her own words, she has been building this future for herself for 20 years. She played a major role in JT's death to start this plan. She has manipulated Clay to continue it. She has controlled her son's life to guide him to the club and his pace of power within it. She didn't like Tara as a teen because she threatened that vision. She didn't like Wendy for valid reasons, but that led to trying to kill her in hospital.

Now the puppet master is losing her power. She lost control of both Clay and Jax, she never really had control of Tara, and she wasn't even able to scare Wendy with her threats. It's ging to be fun to watch Gemma fall!
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