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Re: Digital comics are they worth it ? disscussion and comments:

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Hell, it's even hard to appreciate the artwork in something unless you're holding it in your hands. Would a full-page or two-page spread/splash page have the same impact on a small screen as opposed to a book you can actually hold.
It does for me. All I really need to be able to appreciate something visual is to see.
Then there's the whole issue of how assured are you of getting to "keep" your collection forever when it's only assessable from a server somewhere that may or not depend on a stream of money to maintain?

I buy a comic book for $4 it's mine forever. I buy a digital copy I only have it so long as I maintain my account at $5/month or whatever the rate is.
I'll admit, that is my one concern with comixology, but I don't see where it's really any worse than when I pay to go see a movie or rent something online.
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