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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Oh I didn't mean anything by my comment about the Bakula jokes. Feel free to ignore me and throw him in, it's your thread! (Unless you didn't take offense, and you're stopping it because you actually want to. Which would make more sense really. )

And what the hell is Kira holding in that pic? I laughed even though I don't know what it is. It sort of looks like a golden revolver with flowers coming out of it. I should find my glasses.

I agree that this episode is where the plot was losing its steam. I did enjoy seeing the characters preparing themselves for the onslaught, since there were some good conversations going on. I also enjoyed Dax and Kira getting the old Bajoran ship working, as it was pretty funny seeing Dax's reactions to the cranky old thing. (And that's the ship, not Kira.)

Unfortunately, Li Nalas' death means that there is no hero to ultimately unite Bajor. It's a shame that, particularly in The Homecoming, his character had a lot of potential. I think the writers were later trying the hero thing with Bareil, but ultimately went with what would provide more story opportunites with making Winn the new Kai, and he too fell by the wayside. And of course Shakaar came along, and went away again. Poor Bajor needed uniting and then it just sort of fell away into the background.
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