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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

160. Immortals (C+)
161. J. Edgar (B)
162. City of God (A)
163. Cinema Paradiso (B)
164. Three Colours: Blue (B+)
165. Three Colours: White (A-)

The second of Kieslowki's trilogy (though "white" as a theme isn't nearly as visually striking as "blue" was); from some of the reviews I've read, such as James Berardinelli's, this is held to be the weakest of the three, but I think I enjoyed this more than Blue. Has a much more comic tone throughout, though there's a lot of sadness and the ending isn't really that funny at all (the final shot of Delpy's character, a last-minute addition, seems kind of out of place to me). Apart from the "liberty, equality, fraternity" theme, there's a recurring element of commentary on the status of the new Europe created by the fall of Communism, something the Polish Kieslowski would be ideally placed to discuss.
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