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Re: Pon Farr Research

Judging by the ENT episode, I forget the title, where T'Pol enters pon farr, it appears that while Vulcans get violent and somewhat savage, females appear to go into heat. If their intended isn't present, then God help any other males in the area, 'cause she's comin' after you.

Throwing this back to "Amok Time", T'Pring, by contrast, seemed quite calm and in control, which tells me that she'd already begun to sever the link with Spock, keeping it just active enough for him to return to Vulcan (probably about fifteen years behind schedule for the typical Vulcan; being half human has its advantages) so that she could invoke the Kalifee and make her union with Stonn legal (although she made it quite clear that even if Spock didn't reject T'Pring for her act of outright treachery, she'd still doing with the horizontal mambo with Stonn, while dragging Spock's family name through the mud).
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