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Re: Digital comics are they worth it ? disscussion and comments:

Even then, I still like having a physical copy I can get to any time I want, hold in my hands, and actually have contact with. I couldn't get that same satisfaction from an e-Reader. Hell, it's even hard to appreciate the artwork in something unless you're holding it in your hands. Would a full-page or two-page spread/splash page have the same impact on a small screen as opposed to a book you can actually hold.

Then there's the whole issue of how assured are you of getting to "keep" your collection forever when it's only assessable from a server somewhere that may or not depend on a stream of money to maintain?

I buy a comic book for $4 it's mine forever. I buy a digital copy I only have it so long as I maintain my account at $5/month or whatever the rate is.
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