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Yeah, so in other words, if it was only a one-time thing, they likely didn't know who to go to organize it and figured it wouldn't make much difference. I'm likely to think there'll be another one to celebrate 2.0 and then maybe they'll spend money on a good organizer. Though it comes to be said that it really does matter about experience, but it's experience that can't be gathered any other way than running cons. There's a yearly convention I go to, and it's run and organized by the club itself, with no outside organization running things. They've been doing that since the 1920's. The only thing they do hire is food concession and security. So, in a way, since the club has been doing this for so long, they've become their own organizers, It probably helps that this is an outdoor convention and that the club owns the land and knows what exactly what to do with it every year.
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