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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

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They showed her turning sideways to look at it in the mirror but we never got to see more than a little redness because of the angle it was shot at.
We saw it full-front when she opened her shirt and showed it to the sniper. Little round scar, about an inch. Nothing like what she should have from open-heart surgery and having her rib cage cracked open. Maybe you blinked during that scene.
I saw that scar, I just thought you were talking about the scar from when they went into the side of her rib cage. I just assumed they got the bullet when they went in that way.

If the bullet had hit her in the heart would she have even have been able to make it to the hospital alive?
Did they go in thru the side? Okay, that I don't remember. When I heard them say they were cracking the ribs, I guessed that was going to be the standard open-heart technique of slicing the chect down the middle, breaking the sternum and applying a rib spreader. On people I've known, that produces a big-ass vertical scar in the middle of the chest that ain't going away in just a few months.
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