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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Random observation: when reading the Harry Potter books, I found myself wondering if Dolores Umbridge was based on Kai Winn!
Ah, same archetype, but Umbridge didn't thrist for ultimate power like Winn did - she was content to do whatever her superiors told her to do. I also don't remember Winn being so fixated on cats or the color pink.
Or cutting messages into other people's skin! Nah Umbridge was a Ministry of Magic lackey and sucked up to Cornelius Fudge big time (perhaps literally). But Winn is definitely more strangle-able (if that's a word), simply because she pretends to be good, but she is totally rotten inside.

Whereas Umbridge was always a hag and was never two-faced. Winn however was a far more complex character, and with virtually every line of dialogue she uttered, I feel like throttling her to death! She is so... patronising, condescending, belittling, devious... (but that's why she is such an amazing character)
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