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Re: Pon Farr Research

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The Vulcan race would find survival somewhat problematic if they could only mate during the pon farr mating drive, so yes, they can mate any damn time they want to.

The other component is the telepathic link with the mate, which is what initiates the cycle in the first place. Without that link, the mating cycle either never initiates, or is broken, as it was when the shock of apparently killing Kirk broke Spock's link with T'Pring (and a thousand slash fic stories were born...).
Oh, I absolutely agree, Captain. I was merely summarizing a thread for Leifer's benefit. You must admit, that is a pretty accurate summary.

Leifer, there are two Voyager episodes that rely on pon farr quite heavily, but they deal almost entirely with the physiological effects, not the ritual. One is called "Blood Fever" (season ) and the other is, I think, "Body and Soul." There's a nice article in Memory Alpha on pon farr:

I see from this article that Enterprise featured pon farr at least once as well.

I guess I don't quite get what else you want from us, Leifer. Might I suggest that you prime the BBS pump by asking a few specific questions? That might give you better material than a general query.
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