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Re: Booster Gold (SyFy)

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Is it Brainy's?? I'd forgotten about that. I just remember the ring.
Yeah, it is Brainy's. There's a two-part storyline in the original series where Brainy, Ultra Boy and Chameleon Boy go back in time to track Booster down. Once they see he's a force for good, they allow him to keep the items he stole (also because they think he has a role to play in how history unfolds and they don't want to disrupt that).
This might not be what you are thinking about.

But remember the Millennium Series from '87, '88?

The Guardians of the Universe fostering mankind into their next step in the evolutionary ladder so that they can be the new guardians of the universe?

The short lady from (really really) Red China?

Booster was her great great great great... great great grandson.

Upon meeting her descendant she says something like...

"A giant leap forward, and 500 years? Not impressed."
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