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I have no problem with either Notch or Yogcast in this "controversy". I wansn't there, I have no idea what happened or not happened.

The "fans" was quite vicious though. On both sides. I thought that the thread about Lydia/MinecraftChick on Reddit was quite disqusting, to be frank.

Yeah, I saw Guudes test on how many silverfish a server can handle.. Although "Nightmare Realm" isn't the most interesting map Vechs have made (the favourite is still Legendary). I will start my LP of Super Hostile 1: Sea of Flame II tomorrow, I think. I did a bit of Sunburn Islands on 1.7, but stopped when 1.8 came out in fear of Endermen destroying the tunnels under water. One glass block missing, and there's drowning ahead.. They should be nerfed enough now to not destroy the maps, though.

Anyone without a life (i. e. no one around here, I assume.. )should check out Cilantrogamer on He streams (mostly) Minecraft about 40 hours/week.

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