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I agree in part. I do love the CTM-style maps, though (Complete The Monument, most often 16 pieces of wool) pioneered by Vechs: There you can break blocks and do whatever you want to succeed.
Yeah, those are good. I've been watching Guude and BdoubleO recently and those maps feel closer to the spirit of Minecraft as you can play them however you want. I considered giving them a go myself, but I realised that watching people die over and over again is fun, but doing it myself would be infuriating.

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Eh, to me it comes across like Yogscast felt entitled to something.
I can see both sides to this. On the one hand, Mojang were making a loss on the event, so if the Yogscast did ask for money to show up then it's a little iffy. On the other hand, they are the biggest celebrities in the MC community, and celebrities don't show up to sci-fi conventions without being paid, so it's not that unusual. At the very least they have a case for wanting some compensation for the flights and hotel room.

Also, while Minecraft was already a hit when they started playing it, it's more than possible that their absurdly popular videos, which frequently reach Youtube's front page, have helped sell a couple of hundred thousand more accounts. It's a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties and it seems weird that Notch would be willing to sacrifice that, as well as the goodwill of his fanbase, based off of hearsay.
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