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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

sidious618 wrote: View Post
Preview spoilers follow...

Joe Washington wrote: View Post
I can't believe Opie actually shot Clay. I know from the preview that Clay isn't dead.
You need to put a spoiler warning if you're going to say things like that. It's not fair to the others. However,the preview does not show that Clay is still alive. It shows Jax calling for an ambulance and Wayne approaching Clay's unmoving body.
The preview was as cagey as you'd expect a preview to be, but just based on the way things go on this show, it's obvious that there's zero chance of Clay being dead. It's not yet the season finale even, and Clay is too major of a character to die yet. I can't see this show going on for two more seasons without Clay, even though his role in the story will have to change drastically.

Compare that to Juice's "suicide," which was much more of a fake-out because he's not a major character and could be expected to die mid-season.

It looks like Jax covers up for Opie based on the preview by keeping his name out of the shooting.
That's the only reason why Jax should care about Opie's attempted murder - Jax must realize how justified it is at this point. And just wait till he finds out that Clay had a motive to go after Tara, too.
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