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I was going to mention the Yogscast thing a couple days ago, but wasn't sure if anyone else here watches them.

I guess I'm a semi fan. They tend to be a little too silly for me a lot of the time, though I still enjoy their adventure map let's play vids.
I've never gotten the impression though that they felt entitlled, to anything or had attitudes. Hell they even did that goofy interview clip with Notch were they just geeked at each other for twenty minutes. So to be honest, my theory is that they're all just pranking the community, and that when they finally release a statement, it'll be something along the lines of "Gotcha!" Even if it is true, I'm inclined to blame it on too much to drink and not enough sleep over a con weekend.

The one unfortunate thing about all this is the fan war thats broken out. It sucks that its taking Yogscast this long to get home and tell their side. I just hope they aren't met at the airport by a bunch of hostile fans.
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