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Re: "Castle" season 4 begins tonight

Very intense episode though not the second coming of Castle the fandom expected.. at least not for me.

Overall a very good episode with an amazing performance by Stana but the PTSD got "resolved" way too fast just by talking Esposito who's been through the same. I mean it was not gone but going from total breakdown to functioning member of the team went by way too fast.

However the ending was awesome.. Kate's Wall is coming down! *dances with glee" Finally she came to the conclusion that her adherence to her mother's case was keeping her back, impairing her life and she realizes it defined her (and not in a good way). She wants to find a way to move past that and that's a huge thing.

Maybe it's too fast developing but given the info we have about Cuffed (the next episode), i.e. closed set for some scenes it might be that there'll be a huge development in the Castle/Beckett relationship and i so can't wait for next week
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