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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices


I would be ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED to not only show you the signs, but even produce supporting testimony from the Enterprise crew members,.. as well as from KIRK himself!



Let's get started with the first witness!

Calling Dr. Leonard McCoy to the stand:

AT 00:55 McCOY: It's a shame to have to INTRUDE.

Hmmmm,... Intrude,... intrude,.. from the Websters Dictionary:

Intrude ./in 'trood/ verb 1) To put oneself deliberately into a place or situation where one in unwelcome or uninvited.

2) To Enter with disruptive or adverse effect

Keep this definition well in mind, as we will be returning to it, over, and over, and over again,.. you can bet your Kirk, on that!


just wait till we get to #2 LOL!!!

The two key concepts would be the a) the putting of oneself and b)deliberately .

Now, let's understand something, the concept of 'putting of oneself' means:

A) the RESPONSIBILITY for the act 'of the putting' belongs he who COMMITS THE ACT,... and 'Deliberately' means:

B) to commit the act (of the putting) with, or marked by, full consciousness of intent.


Well, that pretty much describes every single instance when KIRK gives the order to beam down to a planet:

1) Which is NOT an annex of the Federation, or has had no established liaison with the Federation.

2) Has NOT issued a specific invitation, OR dispatched a general plea for assistance.

3) Has NOT granted permission to do so, as a response to a query of solicitation.

4) Is NOT devoid of any sentient civilization, and/or active culture.


Pretty damning stuff so far wouldn't you say,... heh, heh, heh,... but wait!, we're just getting started!

Continuing with McCoy at 00:45: "Well,... I just might stake a claim and settle down here Jim"

Well, well, well,... so the self-admitted INTRUDER, says: "I like this place, so I'll take it for myself", or simply: "I want, I take."

Now, all together,.. can you say: "Imperial Expansionist"?

The good Doc can,.. and does!

The synthesis of the root McCoy speech is: We are Imperialistic Expansionist Intruders, therefore, we take what we like.

Yes gang, it's the ol' VENDI, VEDI, VECI treatment,... once again LOL!

Thank you Dr. McCoy,.. you may step down.

Now Calling Captain James T. Kirk to the stand:

AT 00:56 KIRK: "The last Scout-Ship reported some pretty strange sensor readings"

KIRK's FIRST SIGN that there previously existed, and has been well-established, potentially hazardous conditions.

So why would KIRK knowingly INTRUDE onto a planet which does not fit the criterion of conditions: 1,2,3,4.?

Let's have Captain Kirk tell us the reason behind the VIOLATION, shall we?

AT 00:59 KIRK: 'Star Fleet wants it investigated"

Ah HAH!,... So STAR FLEET - being the Para-Military/ Exploration/Colonization arm of the UFP, OF WHICH THIS PLANET DOES NOT SUBSCRIBE, NOR DOES IT INHABIT UFP CLAIMED SPACE - wants it investigated (read: Invaded and Evaluated for asset/risk potential - don't believe me? just wait!).

AT 1:00 KIRK,.. "It's inhabitants contacted"

That pretty much tells the tale that the UFP:SFC:KIRK are all fully aware of the following facts:

5) This non-UFP planet has a sentient population that the UFP is already aware of existing.

6) No previous contact (for communication pertaining to conditions 1,2,3,4) has been established between these two entities.

The synthesis of the root KIRK speech is: This planet in not a subscribing member, bound to, protected by, or operating under the foreign government of which I am an operating agent thereof; nor have we had any previous contact with the people and/or government of this planet, yet, the super-power government ordered me here, in direct defiance of its own statues, to invade.

Let's call 1st Officer Mr. Spock to the stand to give us his report on WHY the UFP might be interested in targeting this planet for potential benefit to the UFP, .. might there be something of VALUE the UFP might be interested in (remember: asset potential)

AT 1:04 SPOCK: 'The soil here is remarkably rich and fertile'.

Obviously this is NOT throw-away information, as KIRK goes so far as to ask for absolute certainty on Spock's soil report.

Really on some dirt???

Why be so concerned about some dirt when a deep-space scout-ship reported 'strange senor readings', I thought we were looking for dangerous conditions to warn the our new "friends" about,.. forget the fact we don't even know who THEY are,... what's all this bother over some dirt??

Synthesis root of the SPOCK speech: All together now: "Benefit / Potential Profit Analysis",.. Vendi, Vedi, Veci,..

but remember kids, you have to know what you are looking at to WANT IT, BEFORE YOU TAKE IT, and you wouldn't want the good Captain recommending this place to SFC, to then recommend it to the UFP for Conquering and Capitalization,.. I mean,.. uh, AID and ASSISTANCE,.. you know SF 'protection' :::wink, wink:::

Well,.... using the three principle Trek characters own testimony against them,... I COULD go on, and on, and on,.. exposing the REAL motive and operating philosophy behind the Federation mentality,...

But let's get back to all the SIGNS,.. remember the 1st one KIRK already noted,.. and ignored; he was busy worrying about the value of the planet!

AT 2:00 the first RED SHIRT bites the dust,.. so are we to believe that SF is going accept this death as just part of the cost of warning these people - they have never met- of a danger SCF is not even sure of???

Recalling our Second Definition of INTRUDER, I'd say DEATH is a pretty good indicator of an 'Adverse Effect', and most certainly 'Disruptive' to the life of Red-Shirt, and his family back home.

KIRK's SECOND SIGN: AT 3:57, MR. SCOTT REPORTS TO KIRK: The anti-matter pods are losing potency. And although SCOTT is not sure, he is suggesting it could tie into the electromagnetic field WHICH IS THE NATURAL & ESTABLISHED STATE FOR THIS PLANET, as originally reported by the deep-space Scout, and now confirmed by SCOTT.

KIRK's THIRD SIGN AT 4:43, KIRK STATES: 'Keep an eye on the anti-matter pods, if they get any worse, we'll beam up'.

Beam up?

Why would someone say, "Beam Up" if they had no awareness of any danger or risk to his ship (and the 430 lives on-board it)??

By his own testimony KIRK has just confirmed he is fully aware his intruding ship is in a potent danger situation.

oh wait,...

AT 5:15 KIRK: 'There may be OTHER DANGER HERE than poisonous plants.'

And again,.. By his own testimony, KIRK himself, confirms he knows they walked into danger on the planet, ignored the sign and they met danger (and death!),.. and they may be walking into MORE DANGER,... since KIRK is going to continue to ignore the signs,.. above and below.


7) KIRK is acting with Intent

8) KIRK is fully aware.

AT 5:35 MR. SPOCK REPORTS: a humaniod is hiding behind a rock. Coupling this report to an earlier Spock report of the existence of a mechanical device under the ground and operating, would point to the planet not only being inhabited by a sentient race, but one with if not industry, but certainly a pre-existing culture already in place

AT 7:20: a MASSIVE EXPLOSION, just ignore it as a sign of anything, either above or below..Kirk is fully aware of both dangers,.. so we'll just ignore it too.

AT 7:33 SPOCK,.. in response to the potentially fatal explosion,.. once again with the Profit motive, check it out for yourself.

AT 8:00: KIRK's FOURTH SIGN: MR. SCOTT REPORTS: Anti-matter pods completely inert. SCOTT further confirms it is due to the Enterprise absorbing the proximity effect from the electromagnetic emanating from the planet surface,.. long ago detected to exist by the deep-space Scout, and established as part of the pre-exisiting environmental conditions of this planet.

AT 8:25 KIRK's FIFTH SIGN: Back at 4:43 KIRK had evaluated the danger to the Enterprise and stated that IF the situation with the anti-matter pods worsened, he would beam up,... well,.. the situation is now worse,.. and Kirk is NOT beaming back up.

All I can tell you is, when an emotionally involved Commander makes these types of 'reversals of rationale' in the field during a declining situation, its time to pull him out of the bush fast, or 'di di mau', because somebody is going to get zapped.

AT 9:00 KIRK's SIXTH SIGN: SPOCK takes a chest full of poison darts from the deadly plants. This is WHY sign #5 is so critical in a combat/hostile situation,..

KIRK (in good judgement) evaluated the possible need to abort the mission back at 4:44. then later at 8:25, after the situation worsened, and (in bad judgement) reversed himself,.. and now another man is down. Happens every time. This the TREK equivalent the same bad command decisions which lead to 10's of thousands of untimely deaths in the A Shau Valley and the Iron-Triangle.

AT 9:41: KIRK's SEVENTH WARNING SIGN: KIRK calls for a 'dust-off" for Mr. Spock, to beam Spock back to the ship.

9) Fist Kirk says they'll abort and evacuate IF the anti-matter pods situation worsens, it does, and he does not, a man dies.

10) Scott reports situation with anti-matter pods critical failure, Kirk still does not abort, Spock down.

11) Kirk orders Spock med-evaced back to Enterprise,.. Ship in Danger, Crew in Danger, Transporter fully operational,.. but NO!,..KIRK waited to long!,...

12) Kirk never stuck to his original assessment (back at SIGN #5) to get his people safe and put some distance between his ship and the radiation, if only to re-evaluate and re-coup.About now,KIRK;s command field rating would be "F'ing number 10".

AT 12:20 KIRK STATES - 'Not only is something after the ship, but something after us as well"

REALLY???,.. Something after you and your ship??? You INVADE a place, You ignore all signs, both external and internal, exposing yourself, your crew, and your entire ship to the hazards naturally pre-existing, You even ignore your own better judgement, and GET YOUR FINGER CAUGHT IN THE DOORBELL,... and you say:

'Something is after YOU",... yeah, that planet just sitting there being,... just sitting there as it has for 10,000 years BEFORE you followed orders to invade it, is soooo aggressive in its ATTACK on you and your big corporate Starship LOL!!!

I have to stop now, some evangelists are breaking down my front door, so I need to lock my dobermans in the basement, before one them claims his right to barge in here, disrupt my entire existence, and NOT become a chew-toy, as they tropm all over my home.

Seriously 7THSEASLORD, do you really need to see more?

and please, before someone 'comes back' with: "well,.. Kirk was just following orders",... as you well know, that weak-#ss nonsense didn't work for those OTHER NAZI's at Nuremberg or GITMO either.

The real Prime Directive: Vendi, Vedi, Veci

Oh, and 'HOME INVASION',.. well, let's see,... KIRK and Company are INVADING,.. and this planet would be someone else's HOME,.. so Yeppers,.. that sums it up quite nicely.
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