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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x11 - "Harmony" (part 1 of 2)


I've just realised that Scene 74 (in act 4) has a mistake in it - half the scene disappeared in editing for some reason. Sorry about that.

Once again it's too late to edit, so here is the full version of Scene 74:



A broken cityscape under a grey and overcast sky. A hint of fires in the distance. Weíre watching a man picking his way carefully across rubbled ground - Cardassian doctor PARMAK.

Elim. Elim!

No answer. Parmak continues to clamber across the rubble, trying not to break an ankle. Eventually he comes to Garakís memorial Ė the towers of rubble heíd built out of the remains of his house (8x09 ďA Stitch in TimeĒ). The area has clearly been vandalized, the towers pushed over.

Parmak comes to the rickety little shed, still miraculously intact. He tentatively looks inside, and GARAK sits there, gazing gloomily out at the mess through the open door.

I thought I might find you here.

It seemed appropriate.

Elim... you mustnít wallow like
this. It helps no-one. Besides,
youíre doing good work.

Am I? I try... but Iím not so
sure Iím making a difference.
Tell me again why they offered
their help, and we said no?

Pride. Fear. Stubbornness. But
I thought you believed the
Federation had promised its
help regardless.

Not the Federation. Julian. In
the Vinculum, he told me heíd
be there for me, and heís a
good man. I believe him.

(small smirk)
My, how youíve changed, Elim.
First you become a democrat...

Garak almost instinctively recoils...

PARMAK (cont)
And now, if I didnít know you
better, Iíd say youíre getting

Iím a pragmatist, Parmak. If
help is offered, why not accept
it, whatever the source?

I have nothing against accepting
help, Elim. But where you are a
pragmatist, I am a physician.
A man of science. I believe in
what I can see with my eyes,
touch with my hands. This virus,
I can measure. I see it in my
microscope, I watch its effects
on its victims. Iím afraid Iím
not convinced that placing your
hopes in some supernatural
fantasy helps anyone.
The others want to meet.

That helps no-one either. More
meetings. Meetings are the
enemy of getting anything done.

At least theyíre trying, Elim.

Then why isnít it working? Why
is it that democracy works for
other people, but not for us?

Perhaps itís not meant to work
for the likes of us.

The Oralian Way doesnít conduct
meetings. They have no leader.
And yet theyíre the only ones
who seem capable of actually
achieving anything out there.
Makes one wonder if they know
something we donít.

Perhaps they do. But Iíll tell
you what I know. Sitting here
feeling sorry for yourself
will get you nowhere.

Garak looks at his friend, his encouraging half-smile... and nods. Heís regained his resolution.

Alright then, my friend. Letís
cast ourselves back into the
breach, shall we?

He follows Parmak out of the shack, locking the door behind him, and then the pair walk off, back into the gloom.

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